Model shoots – £199 I can shoot up to 4 outfits in a variety of styles and lighting in an hour.  You’ll get to choose from all images taken and receive 12 fully edited images to start your model portfolio off. I can also give advice on where to post these in order to attract potential […]

Gift a Shoot

Buy your loved one a portrait session as a gift

Vouchers can be collected or delivered by Royal Mail within 3 working days

Vouchers are available in ANY amount


Choose an amount – when you go through to PayPal you’ll be paying into my main account with them: CANASTA HOTEL LTD
Option 1 £99.00 GBPOption 2 £120.00 GBPOption 3 £140.00 GBPOption 4 £150.00 GBPOption 5 £160.00 GBPOption 6 £170.00 GBPOption 7 £180.00 GBPOption 8 £190.00 GBPOption 9 £200.00 GBPOption 10 £240.00 GBP

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Printing options

_FBW5933blueFor a one hour shoot you get to choose your 6 favourite expressions and poses from a minimum of 36 images (usually more are presented).

These are included in the sitting fee and will be delivered digitally by download so you can arrange your own printing

If you would like me to arrange printing that’s no problem.  I highly recommend DS Colour Labs and will complete your order for you or just help you through their online ordering system if required.

Fine Art Prints

We only use the very best fine art papers by Permajet. Our giclee prints are for professional photographers and artists who require the highest quality, archival digital inkjet prints available. We only use professional Epson Stylus Pro large format printers with Epson UltraChrome K3 inks. All of our fine art prints are lightfast for 100 years.

A choice of 4 professional high quality finishes from leading manufactures are available as outlined below.

Prices here

Canvas Prints

  • High quality 38mm gallery stretcher bars
  • Finished with Timeless Giclee varnish
  • Hand Stretched by our finishing team
  • Highest quality cotton canvas
  • The very best Epson Ultra Chrome K3 Inks.
  • Professional backing and finishing.
  • Lots of different sizes to choose from.
  • Bespoke sizes available.

All canvases are printed on the highest quality 100% natural art canvas material, utilising the very latest Epson wide format printing technology. You have a choice of white edges, mirrored, black edges or your image wrapped around the canvas. Epson Ultra Chrome inks are used to ensure you always get the best results from your photo, which is then coated with a protective varnish for proven long lasting uv protection. After printing and coating your image, it is then hand stretched on to 1.5” thick gallery stretcher bars. Then all you have to do is decide where to hang it!

Prices vary according to size.

Small 8″ x 8″ canvas will be £15

Medium 24″ x 16″ will be £40

Large 48″ x 24″ will be £120

Acrylic Panels

All of the acrylic panel products have a high gloss finish that creates a stunning end result that is perfect for any living space or office. Eight colour printing gives you the maximum saturation and resolution directly onto acrylic. All the panels are diamond polished for the best possible quality. Your print is pressure bonded to the reverse of the acrylic panel using special, ultra-thin, double sided optically clear mount film. If you want a real wow-factor then acrylic panels are perfect for you.

We offer four styles of acrylic panels. Classic acrylic print panels are supplied with polished aluminium stand-off fixings which hold the panels approximately 25mm off of the wall. Floating acrylic panels have no aluminium posts on their face and give the illusion that the finished product is floating away from the wall. Both classic and float panels are available in a choice of 5mm or 10mm depths. We can now offer bespoke sizes on classic and float acrylic panel products, please email or call for details.

We also offer two ranges of multi panel acrylic products. These products display your images on 15mm blocks which are mounted on an 8mm acrylic panel to give the an impressive result. Both the black and white ranges of multi panel products come with hangers ready to go straight onto your wall.

Prices vary according to size.

Small 8″ x 8″ acrylic will be £20

Medium 24″ x 16″ will be £80

Large 40″ x 30″ will be £250

Huge 60″ x 40″ will be £310

and all sizes in between.  I’ll give you specific options when we decide on finished crop ratio.


Aluminium Print Panels

Aluminium Print Panels show your images to great effect by mounting them to aluminium di-bond print panels. They feature a black polymer centre sandwiched between two aluminium sheets with a usual thickness of 3mm. The panels are perfectly smooth with a sleek, clean cut look making for a very contemporary, minimal look on which to showcase your images. All the panels come complete with wall fixing attachments, so all you need to do is decide where to put it. Available in standard sizes ranging from 8″ x 6″ – 24” x 36”.

Special Offer on 16×12 Lustre finish panels Only £19.99

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I hesitate to call it tuition as, although I’m pleased with the way my photography is going, I don’t quite feel I want to be called a teacher just yet.   BUT…many photographers have contacted me asking if I offer tuition and its a nice short word to fit in the menu bar.  🙂 So…what […]